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Samrat Chicken Curry チキンカレー230g

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About this item

Samrat Chicken Curry is a delicious and convenient way to enjoy all the flavor of Indian cuisine. Simple to prepare and ready to serve in minutes, this delicious curry is made with natural, high-quality ingredients. Enjoy the classic taste of Indian Chicken Curry with Samrat's 230g jar.


Product name: Samrat Chicken Curry 

Ingredient names: Chicken (Brazil), potatoes, onions, tomatoes, vegetable oils (soybean oil, vegetable oil), curry spices, salt, garlic, raw wife, rice vinegar (some include chicken, soybeans, cashew nuts and milk components).

Amount: 230g

Details: Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.

Origin: Japan







Ürün Adı : köri

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