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Burcu Red Shelled Beans in Tomato Sauce 赤インゲンンのトマトソース煮 400g

Orijinal Fiyat ¥440 - Orijinal Fiyat ¥440
Orijinal Fiyat
¥440 - ¥440
Mevcut fiyat ¥440

About this item

Burcu/Tucas Red Shelled Beans in Tomato Sauce is a halal, tasty dish prepared with red in-gen beans, slow-cooked to perfection in tomato sauce. It's a nutritious meal option, providing 11g of fiber, 4.7g of protein, and only 154 calories per serving. An ideal meal for any day.


Burcu/Tucas Red Shelled Beans in Tomato Sauceは、赤いんげん豆をトマトソースでじっくり煮込んだ、ハラルでおいしい料理です。1食あたり食物繊維11g、たんぱく質4.7g、わずか154キロカロリーと、栄養価の高い食事メニューとなっています。どんな日にも最適な食事です。

Product nameRed Shelled Beans in Tomato Sauce

Ingredients: Red Shelled Beans, Water, Vegetable Oil, Potatoes, Carrots, Onion, Tomato Paste, Salt, Sugar, Black pepper, Garlic

Amount: 400g

Details: Keep out of direct sunlight; please keep in a cool and dry place; Refrigerate after opening.

Origin: Turkey


品名: 赤インゲンンのトマトソース煮






Ürün Adı: Burcu- Barbunya Pilaki

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