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Tukas Red beans in Tomato Sauce 赤いんげん豆のトマトソース煮 400g

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About this Item

Tukas Red Beans in Tomato Sauce is a nutritious and delicious 400g canned vegetable dish. Combining the natural sweetness of red beans with the acidic flavor of tomatoes, this classic combination creates an unforgettable flavor experience. Enjoy the taste of this rich sauce as it perfectly marries the delightful texture of red beans.


Product name:   Tukaş Red Beans in Tomato Sauce

Ingredients: Boiled Red Beans, Water, Sunflower Oil, Various Vegetable

Amount: 400g

Storage Conditions: Keep out of direct sunlight, Please keep in a cool and dry place, Refrigerate after opening.

Origin: Turkey






Ürün Adı Tukaş Barbunya Pilaki

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