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Mezete Herbs Hummus フムスハーブ 215g/70g

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About this item

Founded in 1926 as a confectionery manufacturer, Kashi Food Production, which manufactures mézete, has been a leading company in the hummus market since 1994 and has rapidly grown to become the largest cannery in Jordan. Kashi Food Production offers high-quality vegetarian and Mediterranean food products to people around the world using preservation techniques that do not use refrigeration or preservatives. Traditional arabic hummus. You can enjoy the authentic taste that is popular in Jordan in the Middle East. Spicy hummus with spices such as green pepper and thyme (herbs). Great for dipping crackers and bread, or adding to sandwiches.


Product name: Hummus herb (sesame and chickpea base) Fumus

Contents: 215g/70g

Ingredients: Sesame paste, chickpeas, thyme, green pepper, bell pepper, garlic, spices, salt/pH adjuster

Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store at room temperature.

Origin : Jordan 



原材料名:ごまペースト、ひよこ豆、タイム、青とうがらし、ピーマン、ガーリック、香辛料、食塩/ pH調整剤



1926年に菓子の製造会社として創業した、mézete(メゼ)を製造するKashi Food Production社は、1994年からフムス市場のリーディングカンパニーでありながら、ヨルダン最大の缶詰工場として急速に成長しました。 Kashi Food Production社は、冷蔵や保存料を使用しない保存技術で、世界中の人々に高品質のベジタリアン・地中海食材商品を提供しています。



Ürün Adı: Otlu Humus

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