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Tukas Green Beans サヤインゲン 670 g

Orijinal Fiyat ¥440 - Orijinal Fiyat ¥440
Orijinal Fiyat
¥440 - ¥440
Mevcut fiyat ¥440

About this item

Tukas Green Beans is a fresh and delicious choice for any meal. With a flavor that is unique and balanced, this 670g package contains all the nutrition and deliciousness of green beans for any recipe. Enjoy the tasty and nutritious goodness of this Japanese favorite.


English name:  Green Beans

Ingredients: Green Beans, Water, Tomato, Salt

Amount: 670 g

Details: Keep out of direct sunlight, Please keep in a cool and dry place, Refrigerate after opening

Origin: Turkey


内容量:670 g

原材料名:水、トマト、塩  ,サヤインゲン




Ürün Adı: Tukaş Yeşil Fasulye Turşusu

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