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Samrat Chicken Saagwala Curry チキンサグワラカレー 200g

Orijinal Fiyat ¥499 - Orijinal Fiyat ¥499
Orijinal Fiyat
¥499 - ¥499
Mevcut fiyat ¥499

About this item

Samrat Chicken Saagwala Curry is a delicious, authentic Indian dish. Made with freshly cooked chicken, spinach, cream, and spices, this curry creates a rich, savory flavor that will make your tastebuds sing. Enjoy a flavorful meal with just 200g.


Product name: Samrat Chicken Saagwala Curry 

Ingredients: chicken (Brazil), tomato, spinach, onion, vegetable oil (soybean oil, vegetable oil), fried onion (onion, corn oil), cashew nuts, salt, garlic, raw wife, curry spice, butter (partly chicken)・ Includes soybeans, cashew nuts, and dairy ingredients).

Amount: 200g

Details: Please Keep away from direct sunlight and humidity. Keep in room temperature.

Origin: Japan







Ürün Adı : köri

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