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Caykur Black Tea Altınbas Earl Grey ーアルトゥンバシュ紅茶葉 100g

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About this item

Caykur Black Tea Altınbas Earl Grey is a halal-friendly, delicious black tea that has a unique flavor. This 100g package of high-quality tea leaves is sure to provide an enjoyable and memorable cup of tea, perfect for any occasion.


Caykur Black Tea Altınbas Earl Greyは、ハラルフレンドリーで、独特の風味を持つおいしい紅茶です。この100g入りの高品質な茶葉は、どんなシーンにもぴったりな、楽しくて思い出に残る一杯を提供してくれることでしょう。

Product name: Çaykur Black Tea Altınbaş Earl Grey

Ingredients: Earl Grey

Amount: 100g

Origin: Turkey

Details: Specially blended from the top quality uppermost leaves of the teas grown in Turkey's Black Sea region. 

Storage Tips: Please Keep away from moisture and extraneous odors.

How to Make Tea

1. Prefer a two-piece teapot. Boil limeless water thoroughly in the bottom teapot.

2. Pour enough boiled water into the upper teapot.

3. Add two teaspoons of Organic Çaykur tea for every cup.

4. Put the upper teapot on the bottom teapot at low heat and wait 13-15 minutes for the tea to be infused.

5. Tea must be consumed within half an hour. 








Ürün Adı: Çaykur- Altınbaş Tomurcuk

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