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Kent Beef Stock Cube ビーフスープの素 20g

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About this item

Kent Boringer Chicken Cubes 60g 6 Pieces are a simple way to give an irresistible chicken aroma, perfect colour and rich chicken taste to your homemade non-vegetarian dishes.

ケント・ボーリンガー チキンキューブ 60g 6個入りは、チキンの香りと絶妙な色合い、そして濃厚なチキンの味を、自家製のノンベジタリアン料理に簡単に加えることができます。

Product name: Beef Stock

Ingredients: Salt, sugar, corn starch, flavor enhancer, palm vegetable oil, beef flavor, yeast extract, acidity regulator. May contain trace amounts of gluten, soy products, milk products, celery, egg and almond. 

Amount: 20g

Details: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and store at room temperature.

Origin: Turkey








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