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Turkish Bread- Beyaz Peynirli Poğaça (5 Frozen Pieces White Cheese)

Orijinal Fiyat ¥990 - Orijinal Fiyat ¥990
Orijinal Fiyat
¥990 - ¥990
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About this item

Turkish Bread - Beyaz Peynirli Poğaça is a savory delight that originates from Turkey. These delicious bread rolls are filled with a traditional Turkish white cheese called "beyaz peynir," known for its tangy and creamy flavor. The bread itself is soft and fluffy, baked to golden perfection, creating a wonderful contrast of textures. Beyaz Peynirli Poğaça is a popular choice for breakfast or as a snack throughout the day. With its rich taste and satisfying bite, it offers a delightful culinary experience that brings a taste of Turkish cuisine to your palate.

トルコパン - ベヤズ・ペイニリ・ポガチャは、トルコ発祥のおいしい料理です。これらの美味しいパンのロールには、伝統的なトルコの白いチーズである「ベヤズ・ペイニリ」が詰まっています。このチーズは酸味とクリーミーな味わいが特徴です。パン自体は柔らかくふんわりとしており、美味しく焼き上げられ、食感の対比が楽しめます。ベヤズ・ペイニリ・ポガチャは、朝食や一日中のおやつとして人気があります。豊かな味と満足感のある一口で、トルコ料理の味を味わうことができる素晴らしい食体験を提供します。

Name : white cheese pogcha bread (Hasel- Peynirli Poğaça)

Country : Japan

名称:トルコパン ホワイトチーズ


Customer Reviews

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英子 柴田 (Togoshi, JP)
thank Ù

because i am unwell, I could not respond. i enjoy having them .


They tasted good once warmed up, but they were meant to be frozen and came completely defrosted and warm - if shipping frozen items, please ensure it is truly a frozen product delivered for food safety

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