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Sütaş Halloumi Natural Cheese 天然チーズ 250g

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About this item

Sütaş Halloumi Natural Cheese is the perfect addition to any dish. Enjoy its unique natural taste that is sure to satisfy cheese lovers. This Halloumi Natural Cheese has been produced and packaged with hygienic and quality practices in mind. It is a delicious 250g package of natural cheese for your meals.


Product Name:  Sütaş Halloumi Natural Cheese

Ingredients: Cow milk, goose milk, goat milk, salt,  rennet.

Amount:  250g

Details:  Keep refrigerated. 

Origin:  Northern Cyprus


名称 : Natural Cheese 天然チーズ
内容量:250 g


Ürün Adı : Hellim Peyniri

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