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Burcu Hot Baby Pepper Pickles ホットベイビーペッパーピクルス 550g

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About this item

Burcu's Hot Baby Pepper Pickles are a delicious Halal snack made with 550g of premium hot pepper. This tasty treat is perfect for picnics, parties, or just to enjoy at home. Enjoy the unique flavors of Burcu Hot Baby Pepper Pickles with every bite!


Burcu's Hot Baby Pepper Picklesは、550gのプレミアムホットペッパーを使用した美味しいハラールスナックです。ピクニックやパーティー、またご自宅で楽しむのにも最適です。一口ごとにBurcu Hot Baby Pepper Picklesのユニークなフレーバーを楽しんでください!

Product name: Burcu Hot Baby Pepper Pickles

Ingredients : Hot pepper, Water, Salt, Acidity Regulator

Amount: 550g

Details : Keep out of direct sunlight, Please keep in cool and dry place, Refrigerate after opening.

Origin : Turkey








 Burcu - Biberiye Turşu

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