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Halloumi Natural Cheese 天然チーズ 250g 焼いても溶けない不思議なチーズ トルコ産 ハルーミ ヘリム

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About this item

Hellim Cheese is a mysterious cheese that does not melt when baked. In Turkey it is known as Hellim Cheese. It originates from Cyprus, in the south of Turkey.
In the traditional method, it is made from sheep or goat's milk, but this one is made from cow's milk and has a lighter flavour. It has a strong salty taste, so once opened, it should first be soaked in water for 1-2 hours to remove the salt before cooking.
When cooked, you will enjoy a unique crunchy texture.

焼いても溶けない不思議なチーズ、ハルミチーズ。トルコでは「Hellim Cheese」と呼ばれています。トルコの南方、キプロスが発祥です。

Product Name: Halloumi Natural Cheese

Ingredients: Cow milk, goose milk, goat milk, salt,  rennet.

Amount :  225g

Details:  Keep refrigerated. 

Origin :  Northern Cyprus

Natural Cheese 天然チーズ

内容量:250 g



Hellim Peyniri


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