Black Tea トルコ紅茶(チャイ) - Çaykur

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English: Black Tea

Details:    How To Make Tea 

    1.  In order to maintain the traditional aroma and scent of Çaykur Tea, You must use limeless water.

   2.To brew Çaykur Tea with perfect and consistent color and scent in each glass, use two teaspoons of Çaykur Tea per tea glass.

   3.The teapot should be placed over the kettle and turning down the stove to minimum heat, the tea should be let to rest for 13-15 minutes.

   4.The tea should be consumed within half an hour to enjoy the real taste of Çaykur Tea and should be freshly brewed again if desired.

Storage Tips: Please Keep away from moisture and extraneous odors.

Origin: Turkey 


Ürün Adı: Çaykur - Çay Çiçeği