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Tukas Mild Red Pepper Paste 赤唐辛子ペース 700g

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About this item

Tukas Mild Red Pepper Paste is a mild and savory condiment made with red peppers. It's perfect for adding a hint of spice to your favorite dishes. This 700g jar is great for households and restaurants alike. Try it and see why it's so delicious and tasty!

トゥカス マイルド レッドペッパーペーストは、赤唐辛子を使ったマイルドで香ばしい調味料です。お好みの料理にほんのりスパイスを加えるのに最適です。この700g入りの瓶は、ご家庭でもレストランでもお使いいただけます。ぜひお試しください!

Product name: Mild Pepper Paste 

Ingredients: Red Pepper, Lemon Juice Concentrate

Amount: 700g

Usage and Storage Tips: Keep out of direct sunlight, Please keep in a cool and dry place, Refrigerate after opening.

-Add vegetable oil after each use. This method protects the product from mold. Use clean and dry spoon at a time.

Origin : Turkey








Ürün Adı: Tukaş- Biber Salçası

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