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Lazzat Tamarind Imli Sauce タマリンドイルミソース- 330 g

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About this item

Add an exciting taste to your samosas, pakoras, rolls, and snacks with Lazzat Chili Garlic Sauce. The tangy flavor of tamarind in a sweet, delectable base. Lazzat Chili Garlic Sauce is made from high-quality ingredients and processed with the latest technology to keep it fresh, healthy, and hygienic.

サモサ、パコラ、ロールケーキ、スナックにLazzatチリガーリックソースでエキサイティングな味をプラス。甘く美味しいベースにタマリンドのピリッとした風味。Lazzat Chili Garlic Sauceは高品質の原材料を使用し、新鮮で健康的、衛生的に保つために最新の技術で加工されています。

English: Lazzat Tamarind Imli Sauce

Amount : 330 g

Ingredients: Sugar, Tamarind ,Acitic Acid , Salt, Spices, Stabilizer, Xanthan Gum

Details: Please Keep in a cool and dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight. Once opened keep in the refrigerator and consume within one month.

Origin: Pakistan







Ürün Adı: Lezzetli Demirhindi İmli Sos

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