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Çaykur Black Tea Bags トルコ紅茶 50g

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 Product name: Çaykur Black Tea Bags 

Ingredients: Black Tea

Amount: 50g (25 tea bags)

Details:   Turkey is the northernmost tea growing region of the world where tea rests under snow in winter. Turkish tea is naturally protected by snow. Storage Tips: Keep away from moisture and extraneous odors.

Origin: Turkey


How To Make Tea 

In a cup; Put one tea bag into a tea cup with hot boiled water. Wait 3-4 minutes. Sugar, lemon, or milk may be added if preferred.

In a pot; Put one tea bag into the teapot for each cup of tea. Add hot boiled water. Water for 3-4 minutes. Enjoy your tea. 










Ürün Adı: Çaykur-Siyah Süzen Poşet Çay