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Sasa Beef Stock ビーフスープの素 250g

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About this item

Sasa Beef Stock ビーフスープの素 is the perfect choice for creating a flavorful, rich stock for your favorite dishes. This 250g of beef stock provides a unique flavor that will enhance your meal, and is an essential part of Japanese cuisine. Each batch is filled with robust, natural ingredients for a delicious taste that will leave you wanting more! 

ササビーフストック ビーフスープの素は、風味豊かでコクのあるお料理の素として最適です。和食には欠かせない、独特の風味がお料理を引き立てます。天然素材をふんだんに使用し、素材の旨みが凝縮されています!

Product name: Beef Stock

Ingredients: Salt, sugar, beef extract, garlic, vegetable fats and oils, pepper / seasonings (amino acids, etc.), flavors, solidifiers (fine silicon dioxide), colorants (caramel color).

Amout: 250g

Storage Tips : Please keep in places without moisture and keep in linen bag. Avoid sun light.

Origin : Indonesia







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