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Caykur Black Tea Altınbas Earl Grey ーアルトゥンバシュ紅茶葉 100g

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Product name : Çaykur Black Tea Altınbaş Earl Grey

Ingredients: Earl Grey

Amount: 100g

Origin : Turkey

Details :     Specially blended from the top quality uppermost leaves of the teas grown in Turkey's Black Sea region. Storage Tips : Please Keep away from moisture and extraneous odors.

How to Make Tea

1. Prefer a two piece teapot,Boil limeless water thoroughly in the bottom teapot.

2.Pour enough boiled water into the upper teapot.

3.Add 2 teaspoons of Organic Çaykur tea for every cup.

4.Put the upper teapot on the bottom-teapot at low heat and wait 13-15 minutes for the tea to be infused.

5. Tea must comsumed within half an hour. 








Çaykur- Altınbaş Tomurcuk