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Raisin Made in Uyghur ウイグル産風の干しぶどう 200g

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Product Name: Raisin Made in Uyghur

Ingredients: Grape

Amount: 200g

Details: Please store away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity. ● Factory: Japan Medical Food Co., Ltd.
* You may feel sick due to the action of natural ingredients such as dietary fiber and sol beet. Please adjust the amount you eat.
* In rare cases, the roots of grapes are slightly blackened, but there is no problem with eating them.
* Grape branches may remain due to natural drying.
* Please keep refrigerated in summer.

Origin: China (Uygur Autonomous Region)

[Nutrition facts label (per 100g)]
● Energy: 284kcal ● Protein: 4.2g ● Lipid: 0.2g ● Carbohydrate: 82.2g ● Sugar: 70.4g ● Dietary fiber: 4.0g ● Salt equivalent: 0.0635g ● Iron: 5.8g ● Potassium: 1040mg ● Calcium: 56mg ● Vitamin B !: 0.23mg ● Vitamin B2: 0.05mg ● Phosphorus: 230mg
● Ash: 2.7g




【栄養成分表示 (100gあたり)】